Infrastructure financing source

Chengdu City Government     (2021)  
Dar es Salaam African Devt Bank, World Bank, Govt of Tanzania     (2017)  
Fuzhou ADB, City Govt     (2021)  
Guangzhou City Government     (2019)  
Hanoi World Bank     (2017)  
Islamabad Federal Govt 100%     (2015)  
Kuala Lumpur 70% Prasarana, 15% Sunway Bhd, 15% Unit Kerjasama Awam Swasta (UKAS)    Prasarana and UKAS are both government owned (2019)   [Wikipedia]
Lanzhou ADB 52.84%, city 25.04%, Bank of Lanzhou 22.12%     (2021)  
Nanning PPP     (2020)  
Paris 42.5% national, 42.5% regional, 15% local     (2016)  
Urumqi World Bank    The second phase of the Urumqi Urban Transport Improvement Project, which received a US$140 million loan from the World Bank, will see the construction of three new BRT bus rapid transit lines, the establishment of a comprehensive urban transport information management platform for Urumqi, and the construction of public transport supporting infrastructure such as passenger hubs, bus parking lots and bus terminals. (2021)  source
Yichang ADB 62%, city 8%, commercial banks 30%     (2021)  

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